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Dear users,

As much as it saddens us to tell you this news, Dragonadopters Game & Forum has been closing in September 2013. All of us in the administration were extremely proud of the game, and what a small group of dedicated people can achieve together. It has been a great privilege to offer an adoptable game for all the dragon lovers out there.

It has been long 5 years and we have seen the game grow so rapidly and evolve with the help of everyone in the moderation, as well as the community itself. The site has seen its good days and bad days, but overall I would say it has been so much fun to share our passion for dragons with people from around the world. We were told that some players even met each other in person through Dragonadopters and this is truly a wonderful surprise. We cannot express how glad we are to hear so many people have come together and formed friendships.

It is unfortunate we had to shut down Dragonadopters, but it is preferable than letting it die off slowly. We've had a lot of heated discussions regarding the shutdown, going back and forth with arguments, but in the end we concluded it couldn't be avoided. It was never about the donation money or manpower. The game was simply never designed for such a large player base and there were many technical problems in the background, which usually go unnoticed by the players. We fixed it as much as we could, but these things tend to pile up until the whole system breaks.

Meanwhile during these years, we've all grown older and life priorities start to change; moderators come and go, even some administrators change over time, and we all have our personal lives to think about. Like breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, family member passed away, problems with grades in school, university becoming too hard, friends parting ways, finding a new job etc. I think everyone can easily relate to this, as we've all experienced these issues. Suddenly, time becomes a scarce commodity and we don't have enough time anymore to devote our full attention to the site. And with the increasing technical issues, it was unavoidable to close it down.

But looking on the brighter side, Dragonadopters helped many people to meet other dragon lovers such as themselves. It also inspired many people to draw wonderful pieces of fanart, as well as a lot of literary works and role-playing sessions. We are so happy the artists found the game content motivating to produce such amazing artwork.

In conclusion, we would like to thank all the moderators and helpers for their support with both the game and forum. Without their help, we wouldn't have gotten this far. Also a big thank you to the administrators, especially Dravere, who helped with the technical issues and kept the game safe, secure and maintained. And finally, we thank all the users who played and enjoyed our game and helped provide community support, as well as all the artists who participated in contests and created such wonderful art based on Dragonadopters.

On a final note, this Dragonadopters tribute webpage also contains all the original dragon artwork.

We hope you enjoyed your stay with us and thank you for all your support.

Your Dragonadopters Admins,
Thaz, Draconis & Dravere